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All of our events are open to members and non-members alike (although there are obviously some age and gender restrictions for our kids' tri series and our ladies only triathlon). However, club champs for our Summer Triathlon Series and our Winter Duathlon series are only open to club members (although anyone else may still participate in the events they will just not be eligible for trophies).

This points system for our summer series and winter series is open to all competitors regardless of whether or not they are club members or non-members. 

The rules for both points systems are outlined below:

Club Championship Eligibility and Category Rules

Duathlon Championship Rules 2017

Age as taken as at the day of thechampionships e.g. 20 August 2017 – female & male of each


What age group qualifies

Course length

Overall club champion

Any age group


Under 11

Under 11 years


Under 13

11-12 years


Under 16

13-15 years inclusive



16 to 19 years inclusive



20-39 years inclusive


Vet 1

40-49 years inclusive


Vet 2

50-59 years inclusive


Vet 3

60+ years

Long (Male); Medium (Female)

To qualify for the championship “title” in your age group:

  1.       You must have been a club member for at least a month prior to the event (i.e. joined before 20 July 2017).
  2.       You must have competed in at least one of the Athlon series over 2017 (or been an official marshal). You do not need to have competed in the same category in your qualifying events as you will race at the championships.
  3.       You must compete in the correct course length for your age (see above).
  4.       You must have obeyed all race rules (e.g. no drafting on bike, followed the correct course and completed the correct number of laps etc).

Race Rules (applies to all races)

  1. Competitors enter all events at their own risk and acknowledge that they must obey all road rules. Keep left at all times; obey all Marshall and Race Director's instructions.
  2. No bike drafting allowed.
  3. Be considerate to fellow competitors