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Palmy kids tri maps 2014

Due to the large numbers we experienced last year (up over 100+ each week) we adapted some of the course for safety and logistical reasons.

  • The transition and course is towards the centre of the field to allow more spectator area in front of the pool car-park – there will be NO centre area for spectators
  • The transition will have parallel lines of bikes in the middle of the field starting with 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4/3, 10-12 closest to the pool car-park – parents will be able to assist 3/4 year olds
  • Runners and cyclists doing multiple laps will not go through transition – and be directed to the right of transition (see map attached)
  • There will be an additional crossing on the grass area for parents to move to/from the pool and spectator area, as well as the one already on the road to the pool

A reminder for safety reasons

  • Children should wear footwear on the run/bike and must have a covered top
  • Helmets must be done up until the bike is racked or placed on the ground
  • 7 year olds do only one length of the swim – starting at the far (deep) end. They can enter down the steps rather than jumping in
  • 10-12 year olds bikes must be racked on completion of the cycle
  • Parents please enter/exit the pool by the side car park door ONLY – not the main entrance
  • Children may be delayed briefly by the marshals in entering the pool to avoid congestion and overcrowding

Please arrive early enough to familiarise with the changes in course/transition areas.

Please also respect our volunteers who are doing their best to ensure the safety and enjoyment for the children.