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Manawatu Triathlon Club Membership Form 2018-19

Membership runs until 31st October 2019 and includes entry to all club events for the season

Please note that there are 2 tiers of membership this year - one social and one that includes TriNZ membership. To find out more about the changes click here

Prices are as follows:

  1. Social MTC Club Member – this means you can participate as part of the club for free including extra club activities such as swim sessions; spin classes; Kids I tried the Tri Series (for Under 12*), and other events that we may add during the year.
    1. Juniors (Under 23 years) - $60
    2. Seniors (23 years and over) - $100
  2. Tri NZ Club Member – this means you can do all of the above but also means you are licenced to race at any Tri NZ event around New Zealand including National events – including such events as Tinman; 70.3 etc. If you are planning to be a member of the MTA Junior development squad you also need to be joining this not the social membership.
    1. Juniors/MTA (Under 23 years) - $65
    2. Seniors (23 years and over) - $115
  3. Social Family Club Members – this means you can do all of what is described above for social membership and allows maximum of two junior family members to be an MTA development member and includes racing nationally for them. Identify the one or two junior members on the form.
    1. Social Family Membership - $240
  4. Tri NZ Family Club Members – this means you can do all of what is described above for social membership but allows you to identify any family member who intends to race nationally or join MTA development squad. You need to identify on the form which family members are seeking full Tri NZ membership.
    1. Tri NZ Family Membership - $255


* NB: You will need to fill in the online entry form before 8th Feb 2019 to get free entry into the kids triathlon series (late entries will cost the same price as non-member late entries)

Do you wish for any of your children to be TriNZ members for this season (You can choose up to 2 children to be TriNZ members)?

Please write their names in the box below

Individual 1
Individual 2
Individual 3
Individual 4
Individual 5
Individual 6

Club rules:

  1. Competitors enter all events at their own risk and acknowledge that they must obey all road rules. Keep left at all times; obey all Marshal and Race Director’s instructions.
  2. No bike drafting allowed.
  3. Be considerate to fellow competitors.


I (we) enter at my (our) own risk and hereby release and fully indemnify the event organisers, their officers, volunteers, sponsors or any other party associated with the event of any liability, cost, action, claim, financial or otherwise. I (we) give permission for our name and photo(s) to be used for any club promotional activity on the club website, Facebook or other place as deemed fit by the Manawatu Triathlon Club executive committee