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Information about our club events

The Manawatu Triathlon Club aims to promote healthy, fun, safe events for all. Our events are structured for beginners through to athletes and cater for children and families, and are open to everyone whether club members or not. 
Our standard Sunday club events are generally as follows. Note if event is held at the Makino Pool in Feilding the triathlon events will start with the swim, then bike then run. Course lengths will also vary slightly from Linton Camp. If held at Manfield – only a duathlon event will be offered (run; bike; run):
Short Event: (Start at 11 am normally)
Triathlon consists of a 1.6 km Run, 6.3 km Bike, 100 m Swim.
Duathlon consists of a 1.6 km Run, 6.3 km Bike, 1.6 km Run
Aqua-Bike consists of a 200 m swim; 9.5 km Bike; 100 m swim
Medium Event: (Start at 10 am normally)
Triathlon consists of a 3.2 km Run, 12.7 km Bike, 300 m Swim.
Duathlon consists of a 3.2 km Run, 12.7 km Bike, 1.6 km Run
Long Event: (Start at 10 am normally)
Triathlon consists of a 4.7 km Run, 19 km Bike, 400 m Swim.
Duathlon consists of a 4.7 km Run, 19 km Bike, 3.2 km Run.
Aquabike consists of a 19 km Bike; 400 m Swim
You register on the Day of the Event for most events:
Registrations open from 9.15-9.45 am for long and medium courses; registration for short course is open until 10:45 am.
Registrations close 15 min before the event start.
You may choose to participate in an event as an individual or as part of a team. Teams are well suited for family members each doing a different leg i.e. swim, bike or run.
You will be expected to:
·Familiarise yourself with the course by studying the course maps located in the registration area.
·Identify transition entry and exit points so as not to obstruct other competitors.
·Listen to race briefing and safety announcements.
·Have fun.
The events are electronically timed and competitors are issued with a RFID timing bracelet that is worn on the ankle.
Results are normally published the next day on the clubs' website and through our facebook page.
The Run
·We recommend that you warm up before the start of an event.
·A mass start is held with the Long & Medium courses with faster competitors close to the front so the younger and slower competitors don’t get jostled around.
The Bike
· Our events are non drafting events, which means you must stay 10 m behind another competitor unless overtaking in which you have 20 seconds to advance your front axle past you opponent. This procedure must be to the right and a minimum clearance of 1 m maintained. The competitor whose axle is behind must fall back to maintain a 10 m clearance.
The Swim
· Lane entry points are clearly marked with the shorter events closer to the finish line.
· In 25 metre pools competitors proceed up the left side of the current lane, turn at the end then return back on the right side of the lane. When they reach their entry point they must duck under the lane divider and repeat the process until they reach the finish.
· In 50 metre pools competitors proceed up the lane in any position until they reach the end then duck under the lane divider and return back down the next lane repeating the process until they reach the finish.
· This is the area where you change over from one discipline to another. Try and keep your equipment tidy so it doesn’t interfere with others competitors. Boxes & bags etc should not be kept in the transition area.
· Cycle helmets must be fitted and fastened before your bike is uplifted from the rack and stay intact until your bike is returned to the rack.
Linton Army Camp
Events that are held at the Linton Army Camp require all occupants of any vehicle over 18 years of age to produce their Drivers Licence or photo ID to gain access.