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2018 Athlon Series - Race 6 - Interclub Duathlon Champs

10 Jun 2018 - 8:00am to 11:30am



Manfeild Circuit - South Street, Feilding

This is a one off chance to race on Manfeild Motor-racing circuit on your bike! We thought this would be a fun event and to encourage a friendly inter-club challenge. The rules for the inter-club challenge are below - but may be modified depending on the number of entries received from other clubs to try to make it as fair as possible. We have kept entry cost to a bare minimum and encourage you to come and attend. We are hopeful to have sponsorship for winners in each course (yet to be confirmed).
Cycle course will be multiple circuits of the race track - full track for long & champs; smaller track for medium and short course. Run course will be a mix of park run and a circuit of the race track - so will be very spectator friendly. 
Note this is a pre-entry race. Online entry only (will close day before event - 9th June).



8-8:45 am Main Race registration (all courses) – note registration will be open through to 10 am for championship people to register.

9:00 am Short and medium courses start

9:40 am Long course start

10:00 am Approx time prize giving short & medium courses

10:30 am Champs course start

11:00 am Approx time prize giving long course

12.20 pm Approx time prize giving championship course

2:00 pm All packed up and gone home happy after a great event!




Championship Course  Run 9.2 km; Cycle 34 km; Run 4.6 km (Open Grade only)
Long Course                  Run 4.6 km; Cycle 21.25 km; Run 2.3 km (Juniors (16-19 yrs), 20+yrs; 30+yrs; 40+yrs; 50+yrs (males))
Medium Course           Run 3.5 km; Cycle 13.5 km; Run 1.75 km (Under 16; 50 yrs (female); 60+ yrs, social)
Short Course              Run 1.75 km; Cycle 5.4 km; Run 1.75 km (Under 13 yrs; Under 11 Years)
NB - we reserve the right to combine age grades if insufficient entries in a given age/gender grade are registered - this will only be for the purpose of allocating inter club points. Note people entering out of their age group (eg a 30 year old doing the medium course) can still enter but will not be allocated points for the inter club or qualify for overall placing in the grade (eg 1st, 2nd, 3rd.)



Manawatu Triathlon Club members:

Free to all 2017-18 MTC club members

TriNZ affiliated club members:

Seniors: $10

Juniors (under 23 years): $5

Casual (no triathlon club association):

Seniors: $20

Juniors (under 23 years): $10 

ONLINE ENTRY FORMS (Details and entry form can also be accessed via our club website ( - events/upcoming events.

Manawatu Triathlon Club Members Only


All other entries use this link

To see who else is always entered – use this link


CHAMPIONSHIP COURSE ONLY – Draft legal racing on bike – no tt bikes or aero-bars allowed.

ALL OTHER COURSES – Drafting not allowed. TT bikes okay. Keep 10m spacing when following (NZ Tri rules to be used).

Other rules / suggestions

  1. It is all competitors responsibility to listen to the race briefing approx. 15 minutes before their race and obey all race directives and marshall directions during the race.
  2. For children under 10 years we recommend a parent follow behind them during the cycle leg. This is not compulsory – and will depend on the child’s cycling ability. Note riders in the first event need to be aware of younger children on the track and take necessary precautions when passing.
  3. If a person has an accident those following should offer immediate assistance and send for help from the control centre. Time allowance will be given if you assist in such a circumstance.
  4. Any short cutting of the course will result in DSQ.
  5. Note it is the competitors responsibility to know the course and count laps accurately. A suggestion (especially for the championship course) is to have a friend count for you also – and warn you when you have 1 lap to go. We will count the leaders to check. Obvioulsy if you don’t do enough laps you will be DSQ’d. If you do extra then good luck!!!!
  6. Note team entries will not be allowed in the championship course – but is alright in other courses (however will not count for overall honours).


INTERCLUB CHALLENGE (Note at this stage we have insuffient entries from other clubs to run this but will wait and see on Saturday what numbers are like!)

Points allocated in each age/gender grade (except social) – 10 points 1st; 9 points 2nd etc, 10th onwards 1 point.

Each club takes its top 10 duathletes across all grades – aggregate the top 20 scores. Top score wins overall. If a club has less than 10 participants then obviously they will be at a disadvantage (we may reassess numbers when all entries are in).

See above or entry form for details of age grades allocated to each race length.

If any further information is required please contact me at


In the event of very inclement weather check our facebook page for any last minute messages before 7 am Sunday. However the weather forecast looks positive at this stage.


Barrie Eccles

Event Co-ordinator

Manawatu Triathlon Club

Phone 0272260787.


On the day – Race directors – Dave Scott (Ph 027 440 7099) & Barrie Eccles (Ph 0272260787).

If any further information is required please contact me at or Phone 0272260787.
Barrie Eccles