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2018 Athlon Series - Race 6 - Interclub Duathlon Champs

10 Jun 2018 - 8:00am to 11:30am


Manfeild - Feilding


8-8:45 am Race registration (all courses)
9:00 Short and medium courses start
9:30 am Long course start
10:30 am Champs course start


Championship Course   Run 6.8 km; Cycle 29 km; Run 4.5 km
Long Course                  Run 4.5 km; Cycle 19 km; Run 2.3 km
Medium Course             Run 2.3 km; Cycle 11 km; Run 1.75 km
Short Course                 Run 1.75 km; Cycle 5.5 km; Run 1.75 km

Race entry fees

Club members:

Free to all 2017-18 club members (sign up here)

TriNZ affiliated club members:

Seniors: $10

Juniors (under 23 years): $5

Casual (no triathlon club association):

Seniors: $20

Juniors (under 23 years): $10



Manawatu Triathlon Club Members Only Click here

All other entries Click here


CHAMPIONSHIP COURSE ONLY – Draft legal racing on bike – no tt bikes or aero-bars allowed.

ALL OTHER COURSE – Drafting not allowed. TT bikes okay. Keep 10m spacing when following (NZ Tri rules to be used).

Interclub challenge

  1. Points allocated in each grade (except social) – 20 points 1st; 19 points 2nd etc, 20th onwards 1 point.

Each club takes its top 20 duathletes across all grades – aggregate the top 20 scores. Top score wins overall. If a club has less than 20 participants then obviously they will be at a disadvantage