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2016-17 Athlon Series - Race 6

11 Jun 2017 - 8:00am to 11:00am


Linton Army Camp

All need Licence or Photo ID for entry to camp. Members bring green membership tags to speed up entry


8-8:40 am Race registration (all courses)

Short course registration open until 9:45 am

9:00 am Medium and Long course

10:00 am Short course 



Long Triathlon           Run 4.7 km; Cycle 19km; Swim 400m

Medium Triathlon      Run 3.2km; Cycle 9.5km;  Swim 300m

Short Triathlon          Run 1.6km; Cycle 6.3km; Swim 100m

Long Duathlon           Run 4.4km; Cycle 19km; Run 3.2km

Medium Duathlon      Run 3.2km; Cycle 9.5 km; Run 1.6km

Short Duathlon          Run 1.6km; Cycle 6.3 km; Run 1.6 km


Race entry fees

Club members:

Free to all 2016-17 club members (sign up here)

Non members:

Adults: $20

Children (school age): $10

Team: $20


For new people who may not have been to Linton Camp

  • It is Just 12 km from the centre of Palmerston North.15 minutes drive.
  • Head out past Massey University and turn down Camp Road at Linton Camp.
  • Lovely people at the gate will ask for your ID (Driver’s license or your green triathlon member tab). They will give you a sports label for the front of the car.
  • Ride in (about 1 min) and park in car park on left
  • Great place for all triathlons:   young /old   slow /speedy.  Parents encouraged to FOLLOW the very young ones on their race. Ride behind your youngster on the left of the road.
  • There is a COFFEE shop (yeah) that  opens at 10! Lovely food and coffee.     
  • There is an Indoor swimming pool. There is less traffic. Hope you see you there. You will enjoy this venue.